The Eastern Shore of Virginia's First Coworking + Entrepreneurial Center



theGIG is REOPENED for members with new protocols in place, like designated seating, for health and safety. If you are interested in a membership please contact us directly for more information at We have also created a Student WIFI it order to help Shore students trying to continue studies through remote learning. It is accessible from our parking lot. If you would like details click HERE!

Now open on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, theGIG is a coworking space and entrepreneurial center located on Main Street in Exmore, about 60miles north of Norfolk, VA and 70miles south of Salisbury, MD. 

We seek to cultivate a community of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, small business owners, freelancers, remote workers, makers and artisans, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia by creating a space to serve them. We believe that creating a culture of enterprise by developing community awareness around Shore entrepreneurs will lead to a growing, dynamic, and resilient Shore economy.  We believe that an inspiring gathering place allows these individuals to connect, share new ideas and technologies, and receive guidance to move forward.   A place to Gather, Innovate, and Grow. 


Our coworking space is a place to meet others, work remotely and seek support for your business. The space includes communal work areas, tables and counters to work out, lounge areas for connecting, and ‘hotdesks’ (first come first serve) for a more focused work experience. Our location also has one private office for daily and weekly rentals.

Our meeting room can be booked for rental and is outfitted with technology to make your conference comfortable and seamless for attendees. It can booked for rental.


Stay Tuned.


theGIG is now open and located at 3292 Main Street in Exmore, VA. To receive updates and learn more about our space and upcoming events please join our mailing list.